What You’ll Find at HPC

Our one-hour service

Designed for people who are investigating Christianity as well as those interested in learning how to apply biblical principles to everyday life. You'll find our service to be pressure-free, relaxed and easy to understand. You will not be called or bothered after you visit... that's our promise.

At HPC We:

  • Making certain people realize how much they matter to God.
  • The vast majority of our regulars attendees did not go to any church prior to HPC.
  • Having regular attendees from basically every denomination.
  • Helping people find Christ’s answers to today’s modern problems.
  • The use of Video and Multimedia.
  • Helping people understand God cares more about what’s in the heart than what you wear to church.
  • Not begging for money.
  • Never embarrassing people and promise to never single you out as visitors.
  • Never using guilt, pressure, manipulation, name tags or hidden agendas.

Our Promise
This church is designed with you in mind. We realize coming to a new church is sometimes a bit uncomfortable, but we promise we will NOT single you out, make you stand, use name tags, call or harass you after you visit. That’s our “Anti-Stalking Guarantee!” Please relax and enjoy the service. Thanks for coming.

Our Children

Our Kid’s Quest for the nursery and children ages 3-12, is available during the service. Let us care for your children, teaching them about Jesus, kid’s style. We go the extra mile to make sure they have a safe and fun time.

To introduce and re-introduce people to Jesus through our contemporary, pressure-free, relevant service where they can learn about a real God, grow to their full potential in Christ, determine their God-given purpose and develop a desire to help others find a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.