I was thinking today… I was reading a book about the great Christian teachers and pastors from way back. They were so immersed in God and the Word. They didn’t play it safe. Their life was devoted to living for God. Look at the Bible… the prophets and disciples were the same. They risked their lives for God.

Maybe that’s the problem today – we (myself included) tend to straddle the fence too much. We don’t allow ourselves to get fully covered by God and Jesus and let the Scriptures really speak to us or through us. We try to live too much both ways, both sides of the fence – and then God doesn’t get His place in this world.

What if instead of wearing ourselves out by trying to live a Christian life while we are also trying to fit into this world, we just focused on the Christian life alone? Every second of every day, no matter what chore or work we had to do, we still focused on God. What if we totally lived for God? Would we change jobs? Would we do things differently? Would we do more ministry? Be more thankful and praise Him more? Would the struggle between the two worlds and ways of living finally stop? Would we dare to have so much more peace?

Are you “in” 100%? Would you live every moment of every day to glorify Him in all you think, say and do? Would everything else take its proper place under God? What if every day you woke up with the thought of really, truly living for God? Walking with Jesus? Every second. How would your day be different? How would your life be different? Try it and see!

To God be the Glory,

Lynn Manucci Warrick