Midweek Minute 3/27/19

Through the prophet Hosea, God was telling His people that He was tired of their rites and rituals of worship because they had allowed their worship of God to succumb to their own desires and the culture around them. They had abandoned their devotion to the One who had rescued them so many times, over so many millennia.
In Hosea 6:6 God finally tells His beloveds the bottom line… “I just want you to KNOW Me!”
So who is God? Who is this entity that we believe in, that we pray to, whose Word we read, and who we seek to find comfort for our souls and answers to our lives? Is the God of the Bible still the God who wants us to know Him?
Do we know God today? Can we know God today? If we can, where do we start?
Of course the answer is, an emphatic “YES!” We can know God deeply and personally through His Son, Jesus Christ. BUT… we must get to know God on HIS TERMS. We cannot know God as the one who we make fit the desires of our lives. Rather, we must get to know God as the life-giver. Not the one who compromises Himself to us, but the One to whom there can be no compromise. Not the one who forms Himself around us, but the One who transforms us to fit around Him!
This means that we must think of God MORE than we think of ourselves. James, the half-brother of Jesus, said, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will life you up in honor” (James 4:10).
When we find our identity in God, when we seek to know Him, He will bring us from where we are to where He is. And THAT is a wonderful place.
You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Let go and let God.” There is a lot of truth to that. Jesus put it this way, “Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Me will find it” (Matthew 16:24).
You want to know God – I mean REALLY KNOW GOD? Then all we have to do is give our lives to Him and allow Him to ReCreate us into the persons that He made us to be, not who the world made us to be. Die to self, live in Christ. Know God.
God bless you all, and we hope to see you this Sunday!