“Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in the wisdom [of God] are kept safe” (Proverbs28:26, NLT).


Back in my high school days I was on our wrestling team; I even “lettered” in it. And for all the pretzel twisting I did back then, nothing has put me into bigger knots that wrestling with TOUGH DECISIONS. How about you?

I remember when Apple first introduced the Macintosh computer (pre-iMac days). This was 1991. I had one at the office and wanted one at the house. So, I prayed about it. I told the Lord that I could do work with, do free-lance graphics with it, and that I would use it wisely.

The only problem was, I couldn’t afford one. Back then, the cost of a Mac was MUCH greater than it is today, for a similar income. But it suddenly became an easier decision when God blessed me with a Credit Card! Boom! “Thank you, Lord!”

Though I CANNOT admit that I had a lot of peace about the decision, I got me a MAC anyway! Life was GOOD for a few months!

Then I wanted to replace my ink jet printer (yeah, got one of those, too), so I bought a laser printer. Oh, the joys of Credit Cards! But the problem with Credit Cards is, they have a limit and I had reached mine!

BUT, God sent me another Credit Card! The lack of genuine peace that I had in the beginning was met with a confidence of justification for my mounting purchases. And a third Credit Card came in the mail! Life goes from Good to GREAT!

But then something odd happened. I suddenly found myself owing more than I was making! How did that happen? I had PRAYED about all my purchases! God Himself had sent me all those Credit Cards! I had PEACE about it all…

…or did I? Reality hit like a ton of bricks, and here’s what I realized. Though I had prayed about buying all this stuff, God HAD NEVER sent me any Credit Cards. And the PEACE I thought I had was, in fact, STIFLED PRIDE. In claiming to have put God into the middle of my FINANCES, I had completely pushed Him out of them.

Here’s the lesson learned: when we make DECISIONS, we should always Pray about them. BUT, we should also check our Pride and Ego at the door and TRULY LET GOD lead our way. If we do that, then we won’t be fooling ourselves with FALSE PEACE, instead, the PEACE of GOD will CONFIRM our every decision.

This Sunday we’re going to learn how to make the RIGHT NEXT DECISION! We love you all and we’ll see you this Sunday!

David McCall

Executive Pastor

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